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Several ways to save money on your sprinkler system repairs.....

1. Know what and where the problems are. Anything you can do to save us time on the job will save you money. Since all repairs are charged by the hour, doing your homework can really save you on your bill.

2. Keeping good documentation of where your zones are, any wire splices, any previous repairs and the locations of your little green valve boxes will save us time.

3. Try to schedule regular maintenance every year before the peak season (March-August Peak) (Sept.-Feb. off peak)

4. To really see any problems with the sprinkler heads you will need to run the zone for several minutes and see every head from every angle. Many times a leak doesn't show up for a few minutes so just a quick look from the garage is NOT a good inspection.

Going to have to set aside a couple hours a month to write content or double up in the off season. I CAN do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me!